The Best Organic GMO Free Yogurts

The main reason why is because it’s healthier for you, your family, the environment, and the dairy cows. Yogurt that’s not processed contains a lot more flavor as well as key ingredients that are beneficial to your body. Probiotics, active cultures, minerals, and fruits are all found in all natural yogurts.

Not to mention, many organic companies have local pasture based farms, which allows for free roaming (and happier) cattle.

What’s the Difference between Organic, GMO Free, and Processed Yogurt?

The main difference is the fact that processed yogurt often sources from livestock that is treated with antibiotics. This livestock also consumes pesticide treated plants, which means that these chemicals can make their way into your yogurt. Because of this organic, GMO free is a lot healthier for you than processed.

Reasons to Avoid GMO Yogurt

Most people are content to settle for “cheaper” brands because they think they’re just as good as the organic brands. However, this is definitely NOT the case! Here are a few reasons why you should shop cleaner:

  • It’s a lot healthier for you (GMOs can cause allergies, sickness, and typically lack the nutrients that organics have.)
  • Non-organic yogurt also contains a lot more processed sugar whereas all natural versions rely on fruit sugars.
  • Processed foods, particularly yogurt, don’t contain the same amounts of probiotics and active cultures as their organic counterparts.
  • What cows eat inevitably gets passed onto us, which includes chemicals, toxins, and pesticides if it doesn’t have a certified organic label.
  • You can feel better about buying organic yogurt because it supports local farmers who take care of their livestock (no tight cages or unsanitary living quarters

What Brands Should I Trust?

Just because a yogurt company claims to be organic and free of GMO doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Some of the brands that make this claim lack healthy probiotics may include chemicals, or source from livestock that eats plants treated with pesticides. Here’s a short list of brands that come highly recommended from various websites and myself included:

  • Strauss Creamery – The European style yogurts are as rich in healthy cultures as they are in flavor. As an added bonus, the containers are completely recyclable.
  • Stonyfield – Not only are their yogurts extremely tasty, but the company is also environmentally concerned with is a major plus.
  • Nancy’s – If you’re looking for yogurt that is rich in probiotics and healthy cultures this is the best brand. Its limited ingredient list is also great for sensitive stomachs.
  • Wallaby – Wallaby’s is another pasture-based farm that employs limited and natural ingredients to create delicious yogurt.

All Natural and All Better

Processed yogurt is full of sugar, artificial flavoring, chemicals, pesticides, and lacks a lot of the key nutrients that all natural yogurt has. Organic, non-GMO yogurt is a lot healthier because it takes advantage of free-range cattle and natural flavorings. This means not only a better taste, but also a healthier snack option than the processed types.

Long story short, natural GMO free yogurt is better for you, the environment, farmers, and livestock!

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