The Best GMO-Free Food Brands

Do you miss the days when you could walk into your local store and not have to worry about organic or genetically modified foods? Are you concerned with the rate at which nowadays, more foodstuffs are GMO or have genetically ingredients? Would you like to know how to select the best GMO free brands when shopping at your local store? Then I highly suggest that you read on.

What Are GMO-Free Brands?

Put simply, GMO-Free food brands are those you will hear being referred to as being 100% organic. When a particular food brand does not have any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and has ingredients that are 100% organic, then it is GMO-Free.

Genetic Modification (GM) or engineering of food involves a laboratory process. During this laboratory process, genes are artificially inserted into the DNA of animals or food crops. The artificially inserted genes may be sourced from viruses, animals, bacteria, insects, and even human beings, in certain cases. This results in what is commonly known as a GMO. These brands do not contain any GMO organisms. You may hear many of these brands being referred to as organic foods. Whenever you check the label and note that the particular food brand you are interested in is made with 100% natural ingredients, then it is probably GMO-free.

Effects of Consuming GMO Food Brands

Some of the negative consequences that are associated with consuming GMO food brands include the following:

1. Developing Resistance to Antibiotics

To guide experiments, genetic engineers rely on antibiotics. This is because not all foreign genes are taken up by host cells. In this regard, the trait for a particular type of antibiotic resistance is attached to the gene introduced into the host cell. This overuse of antibiotics results in the development of antibiotic pathogens, and this may negatively impact on your health.

2. Creating New Allergens

GM foods have been proven to create new allergenic particles in our foods. Genetic engineering may also increase naturally occurring allergen levels already existing in the food product.

3. Exposure to Pesticides

Most GM foods for cultivation have been engineered to have a pesticide-resistant gene. This means that such crops can be sprayed with weed destroying pesticides that do not harm the plant itself. One way or the other, this exposes you to such pesticides. Some of the health effects of pesticides include damage to your reproductive system, congenital disabilities, and cancer.

4. Unpredictability

Even in this day and age, you will find that the issue of DNA is quite complicated for scientists to comprehend fully. Scientists are yet to understand the complexities of the interactions of gene pools at the DNA level. In the host, the genetic material that is foreign may cause other genetic material in the host to behave in an erratic and unpredictable nature.

How Can I Pick Out The Best Brand?

For you to select brands that are GMO-Free, there are some factors you need to consider. Consider the following:

  1. Always buy organic food or food with ingredients that are 100% natural.
  2. Avoid foods that have ingredients that are classified as “at risk.” Such elements are made from food or animal products with GMO. Some of the most common genetically engineered ingredients that you will find in processed foods include canola, corn, cottonseed and soybeans. In the recent past, you will see that this list has expanded to include genetically modified beet sugar.
  3. Check the label of your product. You will notice that many food processing and manufacturing companies label their products as “non-GMO.” Alternatively, you may come across some food products labeled as either having 100% organic ingredients or “Made without Genetically Modified Ingredients.”

Whenever it is possible, make sure you choose the best GMO free brands. With such organic, natural foods, you will be able to avoid the unpredictability associated with GMO food brands. You will enjoy healthy foods that will not expose you to harmful pesticides and allergens. GMO-free brands are the healthiest way you can enjoy tasty food that is free of chemicals and harmful, synthetic additives. So why not make the right choice. Go for food that is GMO-free and supports a healthy, chemical free diet.

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