Genetically Modified Food Facts and Statistics

This issue on GMOs is a growing controversy. Are they to be labeled so that people are aware if the products they are consuming has ingredients that are genetically modified? These foods are found all across the country in the US, and although Americans have been consuming GMOs for over 15 years, there has been no real evidence that they are harmful, some people believe that “no evidence doesn’t mean that they are safe”.

GMO Consumption

Here are some facts on the consumption of GMO Food:

  • According to reports from Consumer Reports National Research Center, 92% of Americans know that GMO products are all over kitchens in the Country. They also know that a lot of packaged foods contain GMOs.
  • In 2013, consumption of GMO products decreased as the consumption of products that were known to be organic or at least carried a ‘NON-GMO Project Verified’ tag was increased by 80%.
  • 90% of soy, canola, cotton, and corn sold in the US have been modified.
  • The total acreage of GMO Crops increased from 67.7 million hectares to 179.7 million hectares from 2003 to 2015 worldwide.

Effects on Health

GM Foods have been available for consumption for a long time now. There has actually been no harmful evidence of their consumption; some choose to believe they are harmful. According to Robert Gould, president of Board of Physicians for Social Responsibility, the argument that GMO is not harmful cannot be based on short term studies to estimate the long term effect.

According to a joint commission of WHO and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, The process of genetically modifying crops cause nutritional changes in food through the introduction of toxins and entirely new allergens.

According to research carried out on animals that are used to access the health risks of humans, genetic modification of food might damage the immune system, the kidney, and liver.

Facts on the environmental effects of production:

80% of Genetically Modified Crops worldwide tolerate herbicides. This has increased the use of herbicides (e.g. Roundup) by 15 times since the introduction of GMOs. This also brought about the emergence of ‘super bugs’ and ‘super weeds’ that have evolved and can only be killed with the use of more toxic poisons like the 2,4-D.

Studies according to a group of 70 doctors, scientists other professionals have linked increased non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, birth defects, infertility and other reproductive issues in humans to exposure to the herbicides.

Other random facts/statistics:

Here are some other random facts and statistics:

  • Monsanto, a giant monopoly genetically engineering company solely produces about 90% of foods with GMO that’s consumed worldwide. Thy also sell GMO seeds to farmers
  • The US produces majority, about 2/3 of the world’s genetically modified crops.
  • These crops have been banned in European countries like France, Germany, Greece, Austria on some levels, and any country looking to export GMO foods to those countries must label them.

These are some of the available data, and has shown that the fight for and against GMOs is not likely to end so soon.

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